Fassa Valley Guest Card

Cheer up, an unforgettable holiday is waiting for you!

Ask your free Fassa Valley Guest Card to Hotel Ladinia Dolomites View and find out activities and advantages.


Have you downloaded the App Mio Trentino?

The app is available for both Android and iOS and it gives you the chance to always have your card at your disposal. You just need to download it from the store, login by inserting the details, click on “Your Guest Card” and show it to benefit of the discounted activities and services.
The app also allows you to use the public transports quickly, to enable this function just push the “Ticket – Travel on buses and trains” button.

And what about the paper format card?

Just exhibit the Fassa Valley Guest Card in paper format to access to the discounted activities and services.
In order to travel on the public transports it is necessary to have a transport card. The card needs to be validated on the transport means.

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