The Ladinia: between past and present


The history of the Ladinia goes back to 1968, when signora Gina decided to build the “Pensione Ladinia”, as it was called then, on a piece of land belonging to her family in Pozza di Fassa.  She was helped by her son, Renzo Gross, hardly 20 years old at the time, and who had recently returned from a period as a waiter in various establishments abroad, particularly in Germany and Luxembourg.

And so started Renzo’s career as hotelier, accompanied by Guglielmina (known to all as Mina), whom he married in 1972, and with whom he soon had two daughters: Alessandra and Annelise.

In 1978 the ‘Pensione Ladinia’ became the Hotel Ladinia after refurbishment and the construction of the Valle di Fassa’s first covered swimming pool.

The tourism boom of the succeeding years proved the wisdom of the move, and Renzo’s instincts led him quickly to a second refurbishment in 1985. Two years later, the new facades, the new bedrooms, the new entrance hall and the new common areas were all ready.

This led to the hotel Ladinia, after further improvements, becoming the first 4 star hotel in Pozza di Fassa in the early 2000s.

The time had come for Renzo to realise his true dream: building an equestrian centre providing equine therapy with the Avelignese horses so dear to him. Sadly, his untimely passing did not allow him to see the project through.

This is when Alessandra and Annelise, supported by their mother Mina, took the reins of the family business and courageously started work on the Ondina Wellness and Beauty Centre, and succeeded in making the Wellness Hotel Ladinia one of the best wellness hotels in the Trentino region.

The Ladinia hotel is renewed

The new project and the new philosophy

Time flew by until, in 2016, Alessandra and Annelise decided to take the next step towards a grand, total refurbishment of the Wellness Hotel Ladinia. Work started in 2020.

The ambitious project needed a guiding principle, a common theme, in response to guest expectations and current trends in the hotel market.  In short, a new identity to lead the establishment towards the “S” superior quality label, to add to the Hotel Ladinia’s 4 star rating.

Alessandra and Annelise turned to the potential of the incredible views over the Dolomites, visible from all parts of the hotel and which had dazzled their guests from the start. They decided to take advantage of this wonderful strong point, and chose the theme “Dolomites View”.

Visual emotions which blend and play with the internal and external spaces of the Hotel Ladinia,
becoming new sources of inspiration and shared experiences for the guests.

Ladinia Dolomites View in continuous evolution

A look towards the future

The time has again come for the Wellness Hotel Ladinia to change, grow and transform.  The hotel’s roots in the Ladinia and in the Gross family are immutable, but the world is rapidly running on to new necessities and new opportunities.  With the help of our family and our collaborators, we welcome this challenge with optimism, continuing our mission to offer our returning and future guests joy and relaxation at the Ladinia Dolomites View, safe in the wonderful embrace of these splendid Dolomites valleys.

The reassuring view over the majestic Dolomites forever fills our hearts with beauty and confidence for the future,
which is why we like to see ourselves as:

A hotel with our heart in the Ladinia and our gaze turned towards the future!